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Twisted Perfection By Abbi Glines

Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1) By Abbi Glines

4 1/2 STARS!

"Life outside of her house was a new experience for Della Sloane. The dark secrets of her past weren’t something she ever intended to share with anyone. They would never understand. No one would ever get close enough to find out. There was always a chance she’d go crazy sooner than they expected…
Woods Kerrington had never been one to be attracted to fragile females. They seemed like too much work. He wasn’t in it for the work just the pleasure. A night full of naughty fun had been exactly what was on his mind when he’d laid eyes on the hot little number that didn’t know how to pump gas and needed some help.
What he didn’t know was she was as fragile as they came. The carefree girl who spoke her mind and didn’t care what the world thought of her was more breakable than he could ever imagine…"
*Before I begin this is not a continuation from the too far series it is a spin off which means the "Too Far" serie…

Real By Katy Evans

Real (Real, Raw & Ripped #1) By Katy Evans

A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition…

He even makes me forget my name. One night was all it took, and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wanting…

I know I know people please don't form a mob with pitch forks and such and come after me! People seemed to completely fall in love with this book (considering the 4.47 rating on goodreads) I on the other hand am on the complete opposite spectrum. I didn't HATE this book but I definitely did not love it or really even like it. I get the appeal of it I do and I honestly hate to write less than stellar reviews because I know how much time and effort authors put into their stories but I endeavor to always be honest about how I feel about books I read. 
Okay now let me start off by saying I felt absolutely NO CONNECTION with Brooke and Remington at all like at all. All I seemed to feel …

Damaged By H.M. Ward

Damaged (#1) By H. M. Ward

4 stars (yupp still need to get something cool there)

Okay ... okay before I even begin to talk about this book lets just talk about this cover real quick ... DO YOU SEE THAT COVER?! DO YOU ?! HOLY SHIZBALLS ON FIRE THAT MAN IS TOO HOT FOR WORDS! *grabs asthma pump -
Honestly I know they say don't judge a book by its cover but if this book was about manatees and it had this cover I would still buy it .. no really I would.

*First let me warn you guys this is NOT a standalone it does have a cliffhanger! Don't say I didn't warn you but no worries it's not too bad.

Life sucks. And, as soon as Sidney picks up the pieces something always knocks her back onto her butt. It's never pretty, but this time is different. This time pretty isn't even the right word.

I really like the premise of the story the whole teacher/student thing is one of my favorites although this one was a little different since Sidney also worked with him instead of just be…

The Love Game by Emma Hart

The Love Game (Games #1) by Emma Hart

4 1/2 STARS ( i totally need to get some cool stars there)

His challenge? Make her fall in love with him.
Her challenge? Play the player.
Until life changes the rules of the game.

As soon as I heard about this book I needed to have it like immediately it sounded like the perfect blend of  love . corny lines . some angst & obviously a really hot lead character! 

The author Emma Hart was completely new to me so I went into this book prepared for anything and I was so glad I took that dive! Hart is really a very good writer and I enjoyed this story so much!

Basically you have the heroine Maddie who is in college and her and her friends get this idea to try and get her (Maddie)  to basically hit it and quit it with Mr. I'm so gorgeous Braden (which by the way I absolutely love that name ;] ) while making him fall in love with her and obviously in true book nature the same plan is going on between Braden and his friends. 

I have to say in the beginnin…

Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

Walking Disaster By Jamie Mcguire

5 ++++++++++ STARS

I don't think I have ever been more excited for a book to come out .... ever. No really not joking. So Walking Disaster was amazing and Travis? If you loved him in Beautiful Disaster than this book will only make you worship the imaginary ground he walks upon.

* Let me just warn you if you have not read Beautiful Disaster or if it has been a while I would read that first. Not every conversation was added into this book from the first so you may be left confused at times while reading Travis POV. & also it seems as if Abby is kind of well a "bitch" in this story but in reality we all know she's just as great as Travis (well not that great but you get my drift).

This was really all it was hyped up to be and guess what guys it finally has a real epilogue .. yes you read that an EPILOGUE!!!! I know *faints. I won't go too much into that since I feel when you read it you should get the full affect of it. But OM…


Well I have finally done it. I have made a book blog .. I knew I would get to this stage in my book obsession one day I just didn't think it would be so soon. Let me start off by introducing myself and telling anyone who reads this a little about myself.
My name is Valerie and I am twenty two years old and I AM the "book banger." I am a college student currently focusing on nothing that has to do with literature but well it a really serious hobby of mine.  I mainly read romance books .. young adult. new adult . erotica . paranormal. Really any kind of love story I am in there like swimwear. [I know that line is super corny.] I have been to so many different "worlds" due to all of these books and I can never express my gratitude enough to the authors who write them.

I must now stop rambling on about myself and my weird obsession to sit at home on a saturday night and read an amazing story (or even a not so amazing story) instead of "partying it up" lik…