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Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

Walking Disaster By Jamie Mcguire

5 ++++++++++ STARS

I don't think I have ever been more excited for a book to come out .... ever. No really not joking. So Walking Disaster was amazing and Travis? If you loved him in Beautiful Disaster than this book will only make you worship the imaginary ground he walks upon.

* Let me just warn you if you have not read Beautiful Disaster or if it has been a while I would read that first. Not every conversation was added into this book from the first so you may be left confused at times while reading Travis POV. & also it seems as if Abby is kind of well a "bitch" in this story but in reality we all know she's just as great as Travis (well not that great but you get my drift).

This was really all it was hyped up to be and guess what guys it finally has a real epilogue .. yes you read that an EPILOGUE!!!! I know *faints. I won't go too much into that since I feel when you read it you should get the full affect of it. But OMG it was just ahhhh I have no words for it!

Finally being in Travis's head was one of the best things I could have ever asked for Jamie Mcguire is an extremely talented writer and the beautiful disaster series definitely shows it!

This book fills in a lot of holes that you may have wished you knew about when reading beautiful disaster but it is also filled with quite a few new scenes that will have you either crying or hysterical between Travis with his family (brothers.father.mother) and Shepley.. So that the story didn't seem repetitive it was nice that it wasn't an exact retelling of the story.  This story really tugged on my heart in some parts while re-reading some of the harder scenes were sad enough but reading it in his point of view? Oh dear god my heart was totally broken for him. But after that ending? My heart is all mended now (thankfully) I will be sad to leave behind my Travis and Abby but it was an amazing ride that you should all fully enjoy!



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