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BEA 2015

Book Expo America also known as BEA, is probably one of the greatest events on this planet for book nerds like us! This has now been our third year and it never gets old or boring (honestly literally running around for 3 days straight you would think gets annoying but when you get this many books it's not possible).  This year we picked up some really amazing reads, even though BEA just finished about 5 days ago I have already read 3 going on 4 books and I'M OBSESSED WITH ALL OF THEM! 
So if you guys don't already know BEA is an event where you meet a bunch of authors and publishers and find some really great new books and receive so many ARC's. Yes, there is a lot of walking and waiting on lines but it is SO worth it when you come home and empty out your suitcase each day that is filled with books! There are books for everyone of all different genre's too, its truly heaven on earth!

Here is this years book haul for those of you wondering!  Look at those beauties