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Restoration By Randi Cooley Wilson - Review & GIVEAWAY! - 5 DIVINE STARS

Would You Run

Would You Fight

Would You Fall To Fate

If your heart was full of love, could you give it all up?
Eve Collins will do anything to save those she loves, especially her gargoyle protector and mate, Asher St. Michael. With the world crumbling down around them, Eve and Asher must face the final battle between darkness and light. One that will end in great sacrifice.
When the skies darken and love in it’s truest form is tested, would you run? When death becomes silence and battle lines are drawn, would you fight? If you had to sacrifice, to save the one you loved, would you fall to fate? Would you dare to let it go?
The End, Begins.
Restoration is the highly anticipated finale in the Revelation Series, a mesmerizing epic romantic journey filled with dark themes, beautifully melancholic musings, divine secrets, sacrifice and forbidden love.

Restoration - The Revelation Series


If it's raining where you are right now I just want you to know those are probably my tears because this series has been finished. Happy and sad tears mixed into one. Happy because it was so good but sad because it's actually over. It was a beautiful finale, definitely couldn't have asked for anything better. This whole series all together was just amazing. I came across The Revelation Series accidentally and what a beautiful accident it was.

I kept debating to myself should I read it? should I not? & one day I'm like screw it and I read the entire first book in one night and finished the other three within two days, who needed sleep when you have an amazing book to read?! Let me tell you I hated myself for waiting so long to read it! I always look for a good paranormal romance and in my opinion good ones are few and far between, I also have no patience to wait 975 years for a second book to come out. This just had every element I loved in a paranormal and this last book was really no different it was a beautiful ending to a beautiful series.

Eve still makes me want to kick her a little bit but I totally understand her viewpoints and how caring she was towards her new family. Asher well he's just an amazing, protective, beautiful, loving, sexy man who I really wish was MY protector. I think everyone will really love this book as it's a great addition to the rest of The Revelation Series. I loved it also because it didn't feel like a whole different book for me where I had to be like wait, who's that or when did that happen? Which I'm sure many of you understand what I mean, how frustrating that is when you can't remember anything, but not here! Also for the record if anyone is wondering I won't spoil it, but I will say you do finally found out about Aria! So for everyone who's been wondering the passed few books you'll get all the answers! Every character is the same and as quirky as ever especially the babe Callen (who I love so so so dearly) and his awesome clothing/aprons. Also Gage just makes me kind of sad in this book, I would have loved to read about his happy ending (assuming he has one) because he breaks my heart but he's really such a good gargoyle/person and protector.

It will be like you never stopped reading. I know if you enjoyed the others, this finale of the Restoration series will be no different and you'll enjoy it just as much as the others!

There was only two issues I had with this last book, there is something said in the end by Michael to Eve that confused me and since this is the last book I wasn't sure how I would ever know what he meant when he said what he said but I then remembered there will be a series, RPA, that I assume some sort of answer will be in that or maybe I just didn't get it and probably re-read it! Also there was an epilogue which I loved but I wish it was a little farther in the future so I could have really basked in Eve and Asher lovefest! Those two things do not hinder my view on the book what so ever just a few wishes and wants I would have liked but didn't affect how I felt about the book overall.

Over all this whole series is in my top favorites of life and I enjoyed every single book and I wished that it would never end but all good things must close but it was a great ending to an amazing series. So, thank you Randi, I love that you wrote this series for us and introduced us to Asher, my life will never be the same after this reading about Asher. 

About the Book:

Restoration (The Revelation Series #5) by Randi Cooley Wilson
350 pages
Published on November 30th, 2015
Genre: YA Paranormal

Goodreads Add to TBR:

About the Author:

Randi Cooley Wilson is a “New Adult” Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author. A resident of Massachusetts, she makes stuff up, devours romance books, drinks lots of wine and coffee, and has a slight addiction to bracelets. For more information visit:

The Giveaway:

One Winner Will Receive: $25 Amazon GC, All Five Paperback Books Signed and Swag Package
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  1. Great review!!!!! I'm reading book 1 right now, and I am SO ADDICTED! I can't wait to read every single one of them!


  2. Thank you so much! You're gonna absolutely love the whole thing!!!

  3. Great Review!! I can't wait to read it, 3 more days!!


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