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Damaged By H.M. Ward

Damaged (#1) By H. M. Ward

4 stars (yupp still need to get something cool there)

Okay ... okay before I even begin to talk about this book lets just talk about this cover real quick ... DO YOU SEE THAT COVER?! DO YOU ?! HOLY SHIZBALLS ON FIRE THAT MAN IS TOO HOT FOR WORDS! *grabs asthma pump -
Honestly I know they say don't judge a book by its cover but if this book was about manatees and it had this cover I would still buy it .. no really I would.

*First let me warn you guys this is NOT a standalone it does have a cliffhanger! Don't say I didn't warn you but no worries it's not too bad.

Life sucks. And, as soon as Sidney picks up the pieces something always knocks her back onto her butt. It's never pretty, but this time is different. This time pretty isn't even the right word.

I really like the premise of the story the whole teacher/student thing is one of my favorites although this one was a little different since Sidney also worked with him instead of just being his student. What makes this story also slightly different is that both characters are damaged as you come to see which is nice to see so that maybe they can both help each other instead of one or the other being the "savior" for the other person. The writing for the story was also very well written Ward really did a great job as usual!

This story had my attention from the very beginning the "incident" in which Sidney and Peter meet is just so great.. super embarrassing but so great. You totally feel everything Sidney felt during this story (especially during that moment) the panic . embarrassment . anger . & happiness. The only thing I would say is that yes I definitely felt the characters pull to one another but I didn't feel the strong "love" that was portrayed in the story.. but I am hoping that I will definitely get to experience it more in "Damaged #2". 

Now about Peter ... What would a love story be without a beautiful man?! & this beautiful man? *droooool - I really enjoyed him the most out of all the characters he had a realness to him that a lot of other male leads don't have and obviously he was hot and sweet and well just perfect! I definitely would have liked him to be a little possessive but that's because i'm crazy even though he really wasn't it still didn't hinder his perfectness for me.

All in all I think you should all go out and read this book like ASAP ... I truly did love it with all my heart I can't wait for the next one !!!!


Damaged By H.M. Ward (Kindle)


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