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DNF at 36 % =/

This rarely happens for me but sometimes I come across a book I really just can't finish or have to put it down for a certain time and try to read it at a later point in time. 
Unfortunately I was excited about this one book : Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino. Now let me say I have read some of her other books and although they are not my favorite I enjoy them, usually around three stars or so but this was a paranormal so I thought okay different, sounds good but I got about mid thirty percent in and it just became so ridiculous I could NOT finish it, I'm sorry I don't mind books when they're unbelievable and super happy and Aℓℓ I mean that's why I read them anyway so that I get a good happy feeling. Especially paranormal there is going to be weird unbelievable things but I just could not get past the dumb thinking and talking in this book, there was no build up, the characters were one dimensional and I feel like there should have just been more explaining or more something. I can't even pin point one thing but this book was just not good to me and needs a lot of work. I will still try her books in the future if the synopsis interests me! 


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