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BEA 2014

Okay, so you all may know that Valerie is a complete book nerd. It's one of the many reasons I love her & me being her best friend (Hi! I'm Sabina, i'll be doing a full intro in a few days) she introduced me to authors I never ever would have heard of. So last year we embarked on a journey on a Saturday to BEA 2013. There was no blog at the time, there was just our love of books. We came home with 100+, went a little insane and were like crackheads trying to get their next fix as we rushed from one booth to another. This year? We were way more prepared, brought suitcases (because no one will know the pain of carrying 100 books in bags on your shoulders, wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy) & map out what's important & what will be important for the next 3 days.

So here we were, BEA 2014 on a Thursday and needless to say it did not disappoint.

One Name.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Amazing Person. Amazing Author. Amazing Overall.

We both have signed ARC's of Stone Cold Touch. Yes I know, we're even jealous of ourselves.

Now this was definitely not the only book we were looking forward to today, there are a bunch that we got & all incredible authors (inner screams of joy.. just a bunch of inner screams of joy! LOL)

Signed Julia London "The Fall of Grace"
Lauren Dane's "The Best Kind of Trouble"
Signed Annette Herfkens "Turbulence" (True story of how the author survived a plane crash!)
Signed Jeaniene Frost "The Beautiful Ashes"
Signed Lynn Raye Harris "Dangerously Hot"
Signed Shannon Stacey "Falling for Max"
Signed Jennifer Probst "Executive Seduction" (Coolest lady.. EVER!)
Signed Heather Gudenkauf "Little Mercies"
Signed Robyn Carr "Four Friends"
Signed Adi Alsaid "Let's Get Lost" (Guy writing teen novel alert & he's cute!)
H.M. Ward "The Wedding Contract"
Signed Suzanne R. Krauss "To Vegas and Back" (Real life story about her housewife mother becoming a Vegas showgirl!)
Signed Pam Jenoff "The Winter Guest"
Stephanie Barron's "Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas"
Margaux Froley "Hero Complex"
Signed J.D. Netto's "The Whispers of the Fallen" and "Rebellion" (Usually not my style of books but Mr. Netto is easy on the eyes!)
Signed B.J. Daniels "Mercy"
Numerous Authors "Dreams of the Oasis Volume 4"
Heather Todd's "At First Sight"
Signed Paula Treick DeBoard "The Fragile World"
Signed Susan Howell's "Oil Rush"
Signed Ann Aguirre's "I Want It That Way"
Signed Jennifer L. Armentrout's "The Lux Beginnings" (Oh yeah..)
Signed Nancy Naigle "Mint Juleps and Justice" (This authors southern accent will make you beyond jealous!)
Gregory Funaro's "Alistair Grim's Odditorium"
Signed Julie Kagawa's "Talon"
Signed Dawn Metcalf's "Invisible"
Signed Robin Talley's "Lies we tell ourselves"
Signed Brenda Jackson's "A Man's Promise"
Signed Lori Foster's "No Limits" (Guy on this cover will make you feel things..)
Ruthie Knox's "Along Came Trouble"
Cindy Kirk's "The Husband List"
Signed Alexandra Adornetto's "Ghost House"
Michael Backes's "Cannabis Pharmacy"


Last but not least..

Signed James Frey's "EndGame: The Calling"

Quick side note on James Frey, now I understand that he is a controversial author, some may debate whether he writes his own books, whether he tells the truth, etc. etc. etc. but as a person he is a very approachable man who made me an ice cream sandwich.. yep, you read that right & was more than glad to take a picture with me only to remember me later during his book signing. Overall, I cannot say anything about the book, I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet but as a person, he's definitely a really nice guy & from the impression I got, I have nothing but nice things to say about him.

Also we got a free Ebook, Sophie Davis's "Talented" which looks really good, paranormal YA's are sure our favorites.

Overall this entire day was a success for both me & Valerie, last year we may have been a little in over our heads because we grabbed every book in sight but this year we paced ourselves. It is all about reading the books, not collecting them for storage & we grabbed ones that we knew we couldn't wait to read when we got home. In fact, I've already started on "Stone Cold Touch"& let me tell you.. so far so goooooood!

All the Books we got at BEA 2014! (Sorry my camera was just not letting me prosper with nice photographs!)

Of course Jennifer L. Armentrout deserves her own photo of these fabulous books (btw the Lux Beginning's is holographic front & back.. it's so pretty to look at I just kept staring at it) & of course, "Stone Cold Touch" which is the continuation of "White Hot Kiss" (swoon)
"You're my Theo James of authors."

James Frey's "EndGame: The Calling" ARC, can't wait to read it!
"Ice Cream, Pictures & Books!"

Now we can't wait for tomorrow morning! And so it continues.. BEA 2014! You'll definitely hear more from us soon!

- xoxo Sabina


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