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REVIEW : Conversion By S.C. Stephens

Conversion By S.C. Stephens

5 Fangtastic Stars

Emma is happy. She's got a promising career in front of her, great friends, and a pretty amazing family. But her social life has been a little lacking lately. That's when fate stepped in, and crashed her into a tall, dark and handsome man. Sure, he has his secrets...don't we all, and, yeah, maybe his secrets are a little more unusual than most - like he's a partial vampire who can walk around during the day, but also enjoys a little plasma nightcap now and again - but to Emma, he's single, successful, and an extraordinary gentleman. That makes up for a lot. Of course, his condition is a bit more serious than he first lets on, and living a life with him will require some sacrifices that most just aren't willing to make. Will she? Is love enough to compensate for a life that will never be anywhere near the realm of normalcy? But then again...what's normal anyway?

This book, oh this book. I'll be honest I went back and forth in my head debating whether or not I should read it. I am SO happy I did! Conversion was previously out I believe in 2009/2010 so some of you may have already read this but I'm not sure why it went off. Either way it's back and you all should go out and read it, now that it's back again !!! 

Conversion starts off with Emma and how she meets Teren, this part is kind of "in fast-forward". I have to say the first chapter or so of this book I felt was so rushed and I don't know something about it was off. I was afraid the whole book was going to be like this.Thankfully after getting passed that chapter the book developed into this amazing, wonderful, new favorite of mine. In this story Teren (Emma's boyfriend) comes out that he is a "little bit" vampire. (not a spoiler it's said very early on and is in synopsis) I absolutely love that little bit vampire! This book is one of those books you want to read after you've read a depressing book or one with a killer hangover. Conversion was funny and everything more. 

Emma was really lovable,smart, and totally not annoying. I really liked her although I must say she was so non-chalont about him being a vampire it was really weird but she was like petrified of his family so it didn't really make sense. Either way you could see she really cared for Teren and she was a normal woman just like the rest of us. She always thought things through and she would do anything for Teren. 

Temporary : Teren Adams *Can't find the perfect man =[

Now Teren Adams. Teren Adams ... sorry just had to say his name twice. He is that amazing! God he was so perfect. He was the most normal guy I have ever read about in a book and that's shocking since well he was a "little bit" vampire! HA! He just does everything right. He's sweet, passionate, amazing, hot with black hair and blue eyes ... UM YUM ..He is so swoony it's not normal to have a man this swoon worthy! He was so caring and sweet and everything with Emma as well as Emma you could also see how much he loved her. The way he handles himself around her family as well. SIGH - They truly had a really great relationship, that most people would kill for!

All in all this story was absolutely terrific and Stephens writing as always is absolutely perfect to me. Conversion was a amazing love story just with a little vampire twist in it. I believe that if you love a good story that you'll still thoroughly enjoy this one! 

*This is part of a trilogy but no cliffhanger , leaves you in a sweet place! The 2nd one BloodLines will be out sometime in December or January and the third one will be out sometime between March and April!
I hope you guys enjoy this amazing book! You won't regret it !!


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